Path to Alternative Jet Fuel Readiness

The "Path to Alternative Jet Fuel Readiness" briefing document was developed by the CAAFI R&D Team to outline the process of fuel development, qualification and certification and the role of CAAFI in facilitating the process. It is intended for use by individuals and organizations interested in producing alternative fuels.

The "Path to Alternative Jet Fuel Readiness" document provides information on how to become involved with the aviation community, the testing and environmental evaluations required to show the fuel's suitability for aviation use, and how to best facilitate ASTM International certification for a new fuel.

The "Path to Alternative Jet Fuel Readiness" document also refers to several CAAFI communication tools designed to aid in the communication of both the necessary steps to be taken and the progress of alternative jet fuel projects:

  1. Fuel Readiness Level (or FRL) provides guidance on fuel technical development and certification testing;
  2. The FRL Exit Criteria, a checklist detailing what is performed at each FRL level;
  3. The Feedstock Readiness Level (FSRL) Tool, developed in collaboration with the US Department of Agriculture. tracks development and availability of the raw materials (or feedstocks) required to make alternative jet fuels;
  4. The Guidance for Selling Alternative Fuels to Airlines provides to serve as a roadmap for potential producers and other supply-chain participants contemplating purchase agreements with airlines for non-petroleum-derived jet fuels.
  5. The Environmental Progression provides guidance on performance of necessary environmental analyses.

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