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Topic Date
· Hydro-thermal Liquefaction (HTL) for SAF - State of Technology & Research Needs
Jonathan Holladay (PNNL) and Zia Haq (DOE_BETO)
Feb 10
· International Activities Supporting SAF Development
Implementation of CORSIA in the U.S. (Dan Williams, FAA)
Voluntary Carbon Exchanges & IATA ACE (Michael Schneider, IATA)
Waypoint 2050: An Air Transport Action Group Project (Philippe Bonnefoy, BlueSky)
Jan 27


Topic Date
· Sustainable Aviation Fuel from Isobutene
Eva van Mastbergen (SkyNRG)
Nov 4
· ICAO CORSIA and Alternative Jet Fuels
Dr. James Hileman (FAA)
July 29
· European Policies: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)
Valentina Vecchio (Boeing)
May 27
· The State of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)   |   Webinar Recording
Steve Csonka (CAAFI)
May 6
· More Than Biomass: Purposefully Grown for Ecosystem
Cristina Negri (Argonne National Laboratory)
Jan 16


Topic Team Date
· IPREFER: New Cash Crop for Aviation Fuel
Dr. Winthrop Phippen (IPREFER)
R&D Dec 5
· CoverCress Inc.: Adding Farmer Revenue by Providing the 1st Low Carbon
Intensity Cash Cover Crop on Unused Land Over Winter
Dr. Cris Handel (CoverCress Inc.)
R&D Dec 5
· Forest System Health: Evaluating trade-offs for water, fire, biofuels, and fish
Mark Wigmosta (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
R&D Nov 21
· Low-Cost, Low-Volume Prescreening of Novel SAF
Joshua Heyne (University of Dayton)
R&D Oct 17
· CAAFI State and Regional Initiatives: Process Practices, Case Studies
Richard Altman (CAAFI Executive Director Emeritus)
R&D Sep 25
· Direct Air Capture of CO2 and Recycling CO2 into Sustainable Aviation
Anna Stukas (Carbon Engineering Ltd.)
Ellen Stechel (ASU LightWorks, Arizona State University)
R&D Jun 20
· Harmonized Stochastic Techno-Economic Assessment and Policy Analysis
for Alternative Fuels
Juju (Zhishen) Wang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
R&D Jan 17


Topic Team Date
· Developing New Perennial and Winter Crops to Enhance Minnesota’s Soil
and Water Resources
Donald Wyse and Nick Jordan (University of Minnesota)
R&D Jun 15
· The Creation and Role of the USDA Biomass Research Centers
Dr. William (Bill) Anderson (USDA)
R&D May 4
· ASCENT’s Approach to Regional Projects Under Project 01: Alternative Jet
Fuel Supply Chain Analysis
Nathan Brown (FAA)
Scott Turn (University of Hawaii)
Michael Wolcott (Washington State University)
R&D Feb 23
· NJFCP, Initial Results of Alternative Fuel Effects on Combustor
Performance: Lean Blowout and Ignition
Dr. Joshua Heyne (University of Dayton, ASCENT)
R&D Jan 19


Topic Team Date
· An Overview of the FAA-funded Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT)
Regional AJF Supply Chains
Dr. Michael Wolcott (Washington State University, ASCENT)
R&D Dec 8
· Introducing New USDA NIFA AFRI CAP Grant Awardees Developing
Regional AJF Supply Chains
Dr. Kimberly Ogden (University of Arizona)
Dr. David Wright (University of Florida)
R&D Oct 13
· Industrial Ecology Frameworks for Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Dr. Valerie Thomas (Georgia Tech)
Dr. Laurel Harmon (LanzaTech)
Sustainability and R&D June 16
· The Latest De-Risking Techniques for Commercial Scale Project Financing
in Bio
John May (Stern Brothers & Co.)
Tom Dickson (New Energy Risk)
Business May 19
· Advanced Feedstock Supply System Development at the Idaho National
David Thompson (Idaho National Laboratory)
R&D Mar 24


Topic Team Date
· Farm to Fly with Vermont Dairies
Anju Krivov (GSR Solutions)
R&D Dec 9
· GMP Clean Energy Cleaner Water Projects in Vermont
David Dunn (Green Mountain Power)
R&D Dec 9
· Vermont Digesters with Nutrient Recovery
Jerry Bingold (Newtrient)
R&D Dec 9
· Social Elements of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Systems:
Assessment and Application
Mike Gaffney (Washington State University)
Paul Smith (Pennsylvania State University)
Sustainability Nov 18
· CAAFI - Farm to Fly 2.0
Ben DeVries (Treasure Coast Research Park)
R&D Sep 16
· Building Sustainable Aviation Biofuel Options “State by State” via “Farm to
Fly” 2.0
Richard Altman (CAAFI)
R&D Sep 16
· Short- and Long-Term Global Alternative Jet Fuel Production and
Associated GHG Emissions Benefits
Mark Staples (Laboratory for Aviation and Environment, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology)
Sustainability Jun 10
· Production of Aviation Fuels and Chemicals from Poplar Feedstocks
Rick Gustafson (University of Washington School of Environmental and
Forest Services)
R&D Apr 8
· Aviation Biofuels and the Chesapeake Watershed: Coupling Sustainable
Energy with Sustainable Agriculture
Tom Richard et al. (Pennsylvania State University, ASCENT, NEWBio)
R&D Feb 26
· Perspectives on Renewable Synthesized Aromatic Kerosene and
Developing Alt Jet Fuel from Feedstocks Grown in the Southeast
John Russin (Louisiana State University)
Brice Dally (Virent)
Cynthia Ginestra (Shell)
R&D Jan 22


Topic Team Date
· Envisioning Alternative Aviation Fuel Supply Chains for the Northwest
Michael Wolcott and Ralph Cavalieri (Washington State University, Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance)
R&D Oct 9
· Co-Processing of HEFA Feedstocks with Petroleum Hydrocarbons for Jet
Joe Sorena (Chevron)
Enrico Lodrigueza (Phillips 66)
Alisdair Clark (AirBP)
R&D Jun 19
· Co-Processing of Green Crude in Existing Oil Refineries
Ben Saydah (Sapphire Energy)
R&D Jan 23


Topic Team Date
· Refinery Integration of Renewable Feedstocks
John Holladay (Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory)
R&D Nov 14
· Renewable Hydrogen from Biomass Pyrolysis Aqueous Phase
Abhijeet Borole et al. (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Georgia Institute of
Technology, University of Tennessee, OmniTech International, FuelCellEtc, Inc., Pall Corporation)
R&D May 30
· Virent is Replacing Crude Oil
David Hitchcock (Virent)
R&D Mar 21


Topic Team Date
· Electrochemical Deoxygenation Process for Bio-Oil Upgrading
S. Elangovan, Joseph Hartvigsen, Lyman Frost (Ceramatec)
R&D Nov 8
· Fractionation and Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-Oil
Daniel Resasco (University of Oklahoma)
R&D Oct 11

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CAAFI General Meetings

CAAFI Biennial General Meeting 2018 · December 4-6, 2018

General Meeting Summary and Outcomes


Day 1
· 1.1 Welcome/Intro
· 1.2 Value Proposition of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)
· 1.5 The Producer Pack
· 1.6 Parade of Commercialization, Part 1
· 1.7 Commercialization Progress Presentation
· 1.8 Parade of Commercialization, Part 2
· 1.8 Parade of Commercialization, Part 2 – Bauldreay Shell IH2
· 1.9 Policy Discussion
Day 2
· 2.1 Opening Remarks
· 2.2 Introduction to ASCENT
· 2.3 Future Production Potential of SAF in the U.S.
· 2.5 Enabling Lipid-based Fuel Production
· 2.6 Real World Supply Chain Development: ASCENT & CAAFI Regional Projects
· 2.7 Air Service and Airline Economics
· 2.8 Real World Supply Chain Development: USDA Coordinated Agriculture Projects
· 2.9 Real World Supply Chain Development: Supply Chain Tools
· 2.10 Goals Prioritization Activity
· 2.12 ASTM and Fuel Qualification
· 2.13 National Jet Fuels Combustion Program Activities
Day 3
· 3.1 Opening Remarks
· 3.2 SAF Benefits: Air Quality and Other Atmospheric Research
· 3.4 CAAFI Fuel, Feedstock, and Commercial Maturity Tools
· 3.5 Open Discussion
· 3.7 The Global Scene: Public-Private Partnerships and Deployment Activities
· 3.9 Canada’s SAF Activities
· 3.10 Closing Remarks

CAAFI Biennial General Meeting 2016 · October 25-27, 2016

View photos from the meeting.

· General Meeting Summary and Outcomes
· List of Presentations
· Opening Remarks
· Panel/Presentation 1: Climate Change Policy
· Special Guest Comment 1: Indonesia Aviation Biofuels Policy
· Panel/Presentation 2: Commercial Successes/Challenges
· Panel/Presentation 3: U.S. Leadership/Cooperation to Advance Deployment
· Special Guest Comment 2: NASA
· Panel/Presentation 4: Project Activity Around the World
· Panel/Presentation 5: Research for the Future of Alternative Fuels
· Panel/Presentation 6: Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Certification and Qualification
Unconference Session Set 1
Unconference Session Set 2
CAAFI Work Team Breakout Sessions
· Panel/Presentation 7: U.S. State and Local Initiatives
· Panel/Presentation 8: Defense Production Act (DPA) Awardee Progress
· Panel/Presentation 9: Great Green Fleet (GGF)
· Panel/Presentation 10: Parade of Commercialization Pursuits
Report-Outs from Team Breakout Sessions
· Federal Alternative Jet Fuel R&D Strategy (FAJFRDS) Federal Agency Panel
· FAJFRDS: Perspectives from Stakeholders
· Motivational Address

2014 CAAFI General Meeting · January 28-29, 2014

· 2014 CAAFI Meeting Summary and Outcomes
· Opening Remarks
· Government Partners' Activities Update
· Finance Panel
· Keynote
· Biggest Challenges Panel
· Business Team Breakout Summary
· Certification/Qualification Team Breakout Session
· Certification/Qualification Team Breakout Summary
· Environment Team Breakout Session
· Environment Team Breakout Summary
· Research and Development Team Breakout Session
· Research and Development Team Breakout Summary
· CAAFI Work Team Summaries & Discussion
· Public-Private Partnership Efforts Panel
· Local Initiatives Panel
· Airline Engagement & Partnerships Panel
· International Initiatives Panel

2011 CAAFI General Meeting · November 30-December 1, 2011

· 2011 CAAFI General Meeting Summary and Outcomes

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Other CAAFI Meetings and Presentations

CAAFI/CORE JetFuel Joint Workshop · April 28, 2016

· Agenda
· CAAFI Introduction
· Renewable Fuels for Aviation: European Union Perspective
· FNR Introduction
· Panel 1: U.S. Policies and Programs for Enabling Production and Use
· Panel 1: SENASA Supply Chain Development and Deployment of Alternative Fuels
· Panel 2: U.S. DOE Aviation Overview
· Panel 2: Promising Production Technologies and Value Chains in the European Union
· Panel 2: Initiative Towards Sustainable Kerosene for Aviation (ITAKA)
· Panel 2: Questions and Answers
· Panel 3: U.S. Sustainability Overview
· Panel 3: IFEU Sustainability
· Panel 3: Questions and Answers
· All Questions and Answers

CAAFI Environment Team Workshop · January 27, 2014

· Environment Team Workshop Summary and Outcomes
· Introduction
· A Comparison of LC GHG Accounting
· Review of EPA/OTAQ Biofuel LCA Work for RFS
· Case Studies on Variability in LC GHG Emissions of Biofuels
· ICAO CAEP Alternative Fuels Task Force: SOW
· RSB GHG Calculator

Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference · April 17, 2013

· Introduction of CAAFI
· Business Team Update
· Certification/Qualification Team Update
· Environment Team Update
· R&D Team Update


· Environment Team Workshop (2013)
· CAAFI/FAA/DOE Sustainable Alternative Fuels Cost Workshop Meeting (2012)
· Research and Development Team Workshop Meeting (2012)
· Research and Development Team Advances Alternative Fuel Technical and Feedstock Evaluation Tools for Aviation (2011)
· CAAFI Environment Team Advances Greenhouse Gas and Sustainability Metrics for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Deployment (2010)
· Landmark Synthetic Jet Fuel Specification Passes Critical Hurdle (2009)
· CAAFI Aligns Aviation R&D Efforts, Alternative Fuel Suppliers and Government Initiatives (2009)
· Significant Progress Made Towards Adoption of Semi-Synthetic Aviation Fuel (2008)
· CAAFI Defines Approach to Alternative Fuel Greenhouse Gas Well to Wake Assessments (2008)
· Airline/Energy Producer Forum Advances Environmentally Friendly Alternative Jet Fuel Implementation (2008)
· 130 Alternative Fuel Producers, Buyers Meet to Spur Development of Viable Eco-Friendly Alternative Jet Fuels (2008)
· Coalition Establishes 2008 Priorities to Bring Aviation Fuels Closer to Fruition (2007)

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