New Rise Renewables Expecting SAF Production to Commence in Summer 2024

New Rise Renewables reports it is close to completing the conversion of its renewable diesel facility to produce SAF this year. Read more here.

UK SAF Mandate to be Implemented in 2025

The mandate will start in 2025 at 2% of total UK jet fuel demand, increase on a linear basis to 10% in 2030 and then to 22% in 2040. From 2040, the obligation will remain at 22% until there is greater certainty regarding SAF supply. read more here.

Nebraska Governor Signs Bill with SAF Tax Credit

Read more here.

Diamond Greeb Diesel's Port Arthur Facility Expects to Produce SAF by End of 2024

Read more here.

Boeing and Wagner Collaborating to Advance Australia's SAF Industry

Read more here.

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