CAAFI Webinar Series Continues

18 July 2019 – Last month, CAAFI continued its webinar series by hosting the presentation “Direct Air Capture of CO2 and recycling of CO2 into Sustainable Aviation Fuels” by Anna Stukas (Carbon Engineering Ltd.) and Ellen Stechel (ASU LightWorks, Arizona State University). The presentation aimed to address the critical importance and status of carbon removal technologies and approaches, with a specific emphasis on direct carbon dioxide capture from the atmosphere. Additionally, the speakers discussed the role of air captured CO2 in a new carbon economy and the potential for CO2 as a feedstock in producing sustainable aviation fuels.

The CAAFI Webinars are intended to provide a forum for members of the alternative jet fuel community to discuss progress and related gaps and challenges, share lessons learned, methodologies, and strategies in order to promote communication among stakeholders and enable commercialization of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

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