Ethanol Added as Approved Feedstock and Allowable Blend Levels Increased for ASTM Approved Alternative Jet Fuel Annex

18 April 2018 – Earlier this month, ethanol was added as an approved feedstock in ASTM 7566 Annex A5, the specification for Alcohol-To-Jet fuel, Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (ATJ-SPK). With CAAFI support, LanzaTech led the ASTM Task Force for ethanol based ATJ fuel produced using technology initially developed by the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) that LanzaTech has scaled-up. In addition to adding ethanol to the ATJ-SPK approved pathway, the blend ratio for ATJ-SPK was raised from 30% to 50% for commercial flights. LanzaTech is currently designing an ethanol-based ATJ-SPK facility that can produce 3 million gallons of alternative jet fuel and diesel using sustainable ethanol feedstocks. With this new revision of the ATJ-SPK annex, ethanol-based ATJ can be produced with ethanol from any feedstock, including industrial off gas, biomass wastes and residues, and municipal solid waste. This flexibility enables ATJ-SPK to be produced in a sustainable manner from locally available sustainable feedstocks wherever a facility is located. CAAFI is pleased to see the addition of ethanol as a feedstock to ASTM 7566 Annex A5 and the increased blend ratio, which creates new commercial opportunities.

Read LanzaTech’s press release here.

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