CAAFI’s SOAP-Jet Series Continues focus on ASCENT Projects with NJFCP Presentation

24 January 2018 – On January 19, 2018, CAAFI’s R&D Team’s SOAP-Jet webinar series continued its focus on current alternative jet fuel-related work under the Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT), with a presentation by Professor Joshua Heyne (University of Dayton, ASCENT) entitled, “The National Jet Fuels Combustion Program (NJFCP): Initial Results of Alternative Fuel Effects on Combustor Performance (Lean Blowout and Ignition)”.

The NJFCP’s mission is to help streamline the certification process for alternative jet fuels. Historically, this certification process has been expensive and time intensive due to testing in proprietary engine manufacturers' hardware. The NJFCP strives to accomplish this mission by: 1) bounding combustion performance of extreme alternative and conventional fuels, 2) developing modeling tools capable of predicting varying fuel performance characteristics, and 3) transitioning modeling capacity to tools which engine manufacturers can use to model proprietary hardware. This webinar presentation provided an overview of the NJFCP and some of the initial results from the program and how they could relate to a novel fuel entering the certification process.

The webinar was well-attended with approximately 70 participants. To view the presentation slide deck, click here.

For a summary report of the composition and properties of reference jet fuel used in the NJFCP see the report here.

SOAP-Jet webinars are intended to provide a forum for members of the alternative jet fuel community to discuss progress and related gaps and challenges, share lessons learned, methodologies, and strategies in order to promote communication among stakeholders and enable commercialization of Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF).

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