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Alternative Aviation Fuel Funding Opportunity through DOE

27 February 2014--The Department of Energy has recently publicized a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) relevant to alternative aviation fuels. The Bioenergy Technologies Incubator FOA (DE-FOA-0000974) aims to advance research & development and scale-up efforts along the bioenergy supply chain that enable the production of biofuel. Further details including the 3/31/2014 Concept Paper deadline and the 5/23/2014 closing date can be found here.

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BETO announces Feb. 6 Natural Gas-Biomass to Liquids webinar

23 January 2014--The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) has announced that it will offer a webinar—“The Potential for Natural Gas to Enhance Biomass Technologies”—on Thursday, February 6, 2014, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The webinar will focus on Natural Gas-Biomass to Liquids technology and will feature presentations from Mr. Zia Haq and Mr. Prasad Gupte, of BETO, and Mr. Timothy Skone, of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy. Key results from the Natural Gas-Biomass to Liquids Workshop will be shared.

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Boeing Issues Press Release about "Green Diesel" Potential

14 January 2014--Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has issued a press release that the company sees significant potential in blending renewable diesel (a.k.a., green diesel) with traditional jet fuel. Such a blend could result in an aviation fuel that emits significantly less life-cycle CO2 than fossil fuel. Boeing points to renewable diesel’s chemical similarity and competitive price with petroleum jet fuel, two factors requisite to its commercial viability as an alternative aviation fuel blending component. Moving forward, Boeing will partner with the FAA, engine manufacturers, fuel producers, and other stakeholders in pursuit of approval for a blend of renewable diesel and jet fuel for use in aircraft, as the industry has also been doing with several other renewable fuel blending components. Fuel test data describing the composition, properties, and performance of the proposed new fuel blend will be evaluated by ASTM’s aviation fuels subcommittee to determine its suitability as an aviation fuel. The data that will come from the FAA-funded engine testing (of multiple samples of renewable diesel blended with jet fuel at various blend ratios) will support the research report referenced in Boeing's press release. If found to be an acceptable drop-in fuel (at a specified max blend level), the renewable diesel fuel blend will be incorporated into the ASTM International jet fuel specification.

Read more about renewable diesel on DOE’s webpage.

CAAFI Leaders named Top 100 in the Bioeconomy

13 January 2014--It is an exciting time for alternative aviation fuels as many CAAFI leaders and friends have recently been named to the Biofuels Digest Top 100 People in the Bioeconomy for 2013-14. CAAFI's Executive Director Emeritus Rich Altman, CAAFI's Environment Team Co-lead Nancy Young (A4A) and the CAAFI's Business Team Co-lead John Heimlich (A4A) were all listed in the top 50! CAAFI’s Certification Team Lead Mark Rumizen was also recognized for his place among the top 300 people. For the fourth year in a row, USDA Secretary Vilsack topped the list.

Navy and USDA announce “Farm-to-Fleet” collaboration; Industry Day (January 30) to dovetail with CAAFI General Meeting

16 December 2013 – On 11 December 2013, the USDA and the Navy expanded their partnership and signed an agreement establishing the Farm-to-Fleet joint venture, an enterprise that allows for the Navy’s regular purchase and use of biofuel blends from 2015 onward. The program centers on the procurement of JP-5 jet fuel and F-76 marine diesel from biofuel blends, 10 – 50 percent advanced biofuel in composition, for use in military operations. The origins of Farm-to-Fleet reside in the 2010 UDSA/Navy biofuels partnership, triggered by President Obama’s challenge to the organizations to join forces in accelerating the development and commercialization of drop-in jet fuel substitutes. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus pronounced, “Energy is how our naval forces are able to provide presence around the world. Energy is what gets them there and keeps them there. The Farm-to-Fleet initiative we are announcing today is important to advancing a commercial market for advanced biofuel, which will give us an alternative fuel source and help lessen our dependence on foreign oil.” To echo Mabus, Farm-to-Fleet marks a milestone for biofuels commercialization by increasing immediate demand, promoting the development of advanced fuels, and advocating these fuels as an energy security solution.

The Navy has scheduled an Industry Day on January 30th, following the CAAFI General Meeting (January 28th and 29th), to reveal further Farm-to-Fleet details.

See the official USDA news release.

CAAFI releases ASTM D4054 Users’ Guide

12/09/2013—CAAFI has prepared the ASTM D4054 Users’ Guide to facilitate the evaluation and qualification of potential alternative jet fuels. This document will join the Path to Alternative Jet Fuel Readiness Document, the Fuel Readiness Level Document, the FRL Exit Criteria Document, and the other tools on the Fuel Readiness Tool page that aim to clarify the alternative jet fuel development and certification processes for fuel producers. The ASTM D4054 Users’ Guide provides a comprehensive and clear overview of the rigorous testing and property targets, by summarizing the various stages and illustrating the processes in logical diagrams, as well as an index of facilities with the technical capabilities to perform the required tests. Read more here.

CLEEN II Industry Day is December 3rd

11/20/2013 -- FAA will be holding the Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) II Technology Development Industry Day on Tuesday December 3, 2013 at the Washington DC Convention Center. Under NextGen, the FAA initiated the CLEEN Program in 2010 to accelerate development and commercialization of aircraft technology and sustainable alternative jet fuels to mitigate aviation’s impact on the environment. The Federal Aviation Administration is seeking to establish a follow on program from the original CLEEN Program referred to as CLEEN II. CLEEN II, like CLEEN, will be a public-private partnership in which FAA and industry cost-share maturation and demonstration of promising technologies. The agenda and registration information can be found at this website.

Amyris and Brazilian Airline Gol announce a partnership

10/23/2013--Under a memorandum of understanding, GOL and Amyris will work together to establish a framework for bringing Amyris renewable jet fuel produced from Brazilian sugarcane to GOL's commercial flights following regulatory approvals and validation by standard-setting bodies, including ASTM International and Brazil's Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP). Read more here.

Inaugural CAAFI R&D Team SOAP-Jet webinar from Prof. Daniel Resasco and colleagues highlights exciting advances in pyrolysis oil upgrading

17 October 2013 - The CAAFI R&D Team held its inaugural Seminars on Alternatives to Petroleum – Jet (SOAP-Jet) webinar on Friday, October 11 at 1 pm Eastern time. Over 75 people attended this initial seminar via webinar and/or telephone.

The webinar series is intended to provide a forum for information sharing and member participation in cutting edge R&D topics relating to alternative jet fuels. The first four webinars are focused on recipients of the US DOE’s Carbon, Hydrogen, and Separation Efficiencies in Bio-Oil Conversion Pathways (CHASE Bio-Oil Pathways) grants.

On October 11, Drs. Daniel Resasco (University of Oklahoma), Steven Crossley (University of Oklahoma) and Vikas Khanna (University of Pittsburgh) presented on their “Fractionation and Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-Oil” project, funded by the US DOE’s CHASE Bio-Oil Pathways program. They provided a fascinating view into the challenges of pyrolysis oil upgrading and their integrated approach to finding solutions using technical, technoeconomic, and life cycle environmental and energy evaluations.

The series continues with the following presentations:
November 8, 2013, - Singaravelu Elangovan, Ceramatec.
March 21, 2014 – David Hitchcock, Virent
May 30, 2014, - Abhijeet Borole, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The R&D Team looks forward to the rest of the series and thanks Drs. Resasco, Crossley, and Khanna for their excellent presentation.

For more information or to suggest webinar topics/speakers, contact Kristin Lewis (
For the presentation from the October 11 webinar, click here.

Sustainable Alternative Aviation Fuel RFP issued by United Airlines

04 October 2013 -- United Airlines (UA) has demonstrated further interest in fostering the growth and industrial scale-up of an alternative jet fuels industry in the U.S.. Following-up on a commitment made at the conclusion of the MASBI effort earlier this summer, on September 17 UA issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Sustainable Alternative Aviation Fuel to a group of potential candidate producers. UA's stated goal is "to evaluate the capabilities of leading alternative fuel companies to produce commercial-scale quantities of alternative fuels in the near term. The objective is for UA to identify producers with promising business propositions that would lead to commercial off-take agreements." Interested respondents who may not have been reached with the initial RFP communication can request consideration from UA by contacting

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