EPA Qualifies Alternative Jet Fuel Pathways under the RFS Program

2/26/2013—On Friday, February 22nd, the EPA identified additional renewable fuel production pathways determined to meet life cycle GHG reduction requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) program. This final rule describes EPA’s analysis and determinations for these new fuel pathways. It also clarifies the definition of renewable diesel to explicitly include jet fuel.

Biodiesel and renewable diesel (including jet fuel) produced from camelina oil now qualify as biomass-based diesel or advanced biofuel. Also, biofuels produced from energy cane cellulosic biomass now qualify as cellulosic biofuel.

By qualifying these new fuel pathways, this rule provides opportunities to increase the volume of alternative jet fuels with low GHG footprints by allowing producers or importers of fuel produced under these pathways to be eligible for crediting and generating Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) in accordance with the RFS regulations.

Please see the following link for the EPA Fact Sheet and Final Rule documents.

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