aireg/CAAFI Conference on “The Future of Aviation Fuels” and Exhibition to be held at ILA Berlin Airshow in September

5/31/2012--CAAFI is pleased to announce the joint aireg/CAAFI Conference at the ILA Berlin Airshow, entitled “The Future of Aviation Fuels,” which will be held on September 12, 2012. aireg is the German initiative for alternative aviation fuels, and CAAFI is working with aireg on our mutual goals. The conference will feature speakers from Europe and the US governments, airlines, and industry stakeholders. The conference will highlight collaborative and cooperative efforts to facilitate development, deployment, and investment in alternative aviation fuels.

The Conference will also be complemented by an exhibition in an Alternative Aviation Fuels Pavilion featuring companies from the U.S., Germany, and around the world. Click here for further information about the exhibition.

Additional details in both German and English can be found in the official Save the Date notice.

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