CAAFI’s R&D Team SOAP-Jet Webinar Series: INL Presented on the Development of Advanced Feedstock Supply Systems

3 April 2017 - CAAFI’s R&D team continued the Seminars on Alternatives to Petroleum (SOAP)-Jet webinar series on March 24th. This webinar series is intended to provide a forum for members of the alternative jet fuel R&D community to discuss technology and related gaps and challenges, share lessons learned, methodologies, and strategies to promote communication amongst stakeholders. David Thompson, Idaho National Laboratory (INL) presented, “Advanced Feedstock Supply System Development at INL.” The slide deck from the presentation can be found here. The wide variety of biomass, moisture levels, and compositions creates a unique challenge to development of reliable, cost effective biorefineries. Wide geographic distribution of these resources adds additional challenges to achieving economies of scale necessary to provide low-cost, high-volume biofuels. Today’s infant biorefining industry lacks a consistent and reliable commodity biomass supply, and relies on vertical integration of its feedstock supply to minimize supply risk. However, existing biomass supply is collected and supplied using conventional systems developed for industries less sensitive to feedstock quality that can utilize lower cost passive quality management.

This webinar focused on ongoing work at INL (with funding from DOE-BETO) to address these issues through development of advanced feedstock supply systems to produce engineered conversion-ready feedstocks that meet all quality requirements for the conversion process. These requirements include not only the traditional quality parameters, but also physical quality requirements such as flowability, aerobic stability, and the ability to efficiently introduce the feedstock to the first step of the conversion process at high operational reliability. Thompson also described BETO resources at INL that CAAFI member organizations can access for their own work, including the Biomass Feedstock National User Facility, the INL Bioenergy Feedstock Library, and a biomass grading system under development.

David Thompson leads the Feedstock Supply Chain Strategic Analysis Group at INL and has worked in the biofuels industry for 30 years. Ideas for future SOAP-Jet webinar topics you’d like to see or present? Contact us

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