New Study Finds Blending Alternative Jet fuel with Conventional Jet A Reduces Particle Emissions at Cruising Altitude

21 March 2017 – A new study published in Nature finds that blending sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAJF) with conventional Jet A reduces particle emissions in aircraft exhaust at cruising altitudes. These findings are based on observations from a recent NASA DC-8 research flight that sampled engine exhaust from a 50:50 blend of conventional Jet A and Camelina-based SAJF, as well as from neat conventional Jet A. Exhaust plumes were sampled by a trailing aircraft at an appropriate distance to ensure the exhaust from each fuel tested did not mix. After comparing the data, researchers found that the 50:50 Camelina/Jet-A blend reduced particle emissions by 50 to 70 percent compared to pure Jet A. This study suggests that widespread use of SAJF may be a viable strategy to reduce pollutant emissions from the aviation sector.

SAJF used in the experiment was produced using the ASTM approved Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids (HEFA-SPK) production pathway.

For more information on the experiment and its findings, refer to the full study.

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