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CAAFI Leadership and Partners Make 2016 Top 100 People in Advanced Bioeconomy List

11 Feb 2016 – Congratulations to several CAAFI leadership team members and CAAFI partners who were recently voted into the Biofuel Digest’s Top 100 People in the Advanced Bioeconomy for 2016! The list is annually populated based upon votes by readers and the editorial board of the Digest.

Congratulations again to CAAFI leads and collaborators below!

Steve Csonka, CAAFI Executive Director
Rich Altman, CAAFI Executive Director Emeritus
Nancy Young, A4A, CAAFI Environment Team Co-lead
Harry Baumes, USDA
Todd Campbell, USDA
Chris Cassidy, USDA
Chris Tindal, US Navy
Wally Tyner, Purdue
Michael Wang, Argonne National Lab

To see the full 2016 list, see The Digest here .

DOE Announces $11.3M Available for “Mega-Bio” Program to Develop Flexible Biomass Conversion Pathways to Biofuels

10 Feb 2016 – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $11.3M available in funding for development of biomass-to-hydrocarbon biofuels conversion pathways that can be modified, depending on market or other conditions, to produce advanced fuels, such as jet fuel, and/or other products.

The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) is focusing on renewable hydrocarbon fuels with a target of $3/gallon gasoline equivalent by 2022. To achieve this, BETO is evaluating processes that can leverage revenue from bioproducts to enable cost-competitive biofuel production. The purpose of this research funding is to identify pathways that can provide a realistic approach to producing cost-competitive renewable hydrocarbon biofuels. Applications are being accepted in two topic areas: 1) single unit operation of early Technology Readiness Level pathways and 2) multiple unit operations of intermediate Technology Readiness Level pathways.

Applicants must include clear justification for producing the target molecule(s) from biomass, a compelling narrative explaining how the target product(s) will enable biofuels, and supporting techno-economic analysis and life-cycle analysis.

Concept paper submissions are due 5PM EST on February 26, 2016. Full applications are due 5PM EST on April 15, 2016. An informational webinar for applicants will take place at 3PM EST on February 16, 2016. A recording of the webinar will be posted on the EERE Exchange. More information is available on the news release here.

FAA Administrator Releases Statement on ICAO Consensus on Standard to Reduce Aircraft CO2 Emissions

10 Feb 2016 – U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Michael Huerta released a statement saying he was “pleased that ICAO reached an international consensus on a meaningful standard to foster reduction in CO2 emissions from aircraft.” Administrator Huerta also said that the FAA sees the recent ICAO agreement as setting a “promising path to secure a robust market-based measure later this year.”

The U.S. has made progress in all areas of the ICAO “basket of measures” to reduce aviation greenhouse gas emissions, including technological and operational improvements, alternative fuels development and deployment, and contributions to the forthcoming global market-based measure. Read more about the U.S. aviation sectors efforts in these areas in the full news release here.

Treasure Coast Research Park Hosts Farm to Fly Biofuel Research Study in St. Lucie County, FL

01 Feb 2016 – The Farm to Fly Biodiesel Research Study Kickoff occurred in Fort Pierce, FL. Nearly 100 science and industry leaders gathered at Treasure Coast Research Park facilities to discuss potential for using locally-produced crops for biofuel development to power transportation vehicles, such as passenger jets. The event included panel discussions, networking events, and roundtables, with an additional focus on creating a comprehensive list of what constitutes feasibility for a sustainable fuel project in the Fort Pierce region of Florida. The goal of the project is to leverage land that has been laid fallow due to loss of the region’s citrus crop to greening disease. Mike Adams, Treasure Coast Research Park Board Chair and agribusiness owner noted that an advanced alternative jet fuel project in the region “offers opportunities to improve the state’s water quality, jet fuel distribution network, and to expand the growth of the state’s air transportation sector.”

USDA Florida State Director Richard Machek, presented a check for $97,000 in USDA funding to the Treasure Coast Education Research and Development Authority (TCERDA) for research and development of a collaborative with focus on Florida’s long term need for alternative jet fuel.

For more details, the news release can be read here .

Lufthansa, KLM, SAS, and other airlines can fuel up with Neste alternative jet fuel at Oslo Gardermoen Airport through the efforts of SkyNRG, Avinor, and AirBP

26 January 2016 – As of 22 January 2016, Oslo Gardermoen Airport in Norway has integrated sustainable jet fuel from Neste into its main fuel farm, allowing all airlines to have sustainable alternative jet fuel delivered through the main hydrant system. The airport operator, Avinor, facilitated the offtake agreements by offering a unique incentive for flights at the airport that are powered by sustainable jet fuel. The delivery of fuels through the main tank farm and hydrant system is anticipated to reduce logistics costs and prove the viability of this approach for other airports.

The current alternative jet fuels available at Oslo are made by Neste through the ITAKA project from Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) certified camelina oil.

Additional information can be found here and here.