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Informational Webinar about DOE funding for Biological and Chemical Upgrading for Advanced Biofuels and Products

22 April 2014--This afternoon at 3:00 pm EST, DOE is offering a webinar that will provide information on the recent Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) – “Biological and Chemical Upgrading for Advanced Biofuels and Products” (DE-FOA-0001085). Register for the webinar here.

British Airways and Solena announce location of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Facility

22 April 2014--On April 16, British Airways issued a press release announcing the location of the high temperature plasma gasification plant that it will build in partnership with Solena Fuels. The fuel conversion facility will be built in Thames Enterprise Park (Thurrock, Essex, UK), a site that was formerly occupied by an oil refinery and consequently, is already well-equipped for fuel storage and well-positioned for distribution. The construction and operation of this facility will help British Airways achieve its sustainability goals, by processing diverted landfill wastes into sustainable aviation fuel, and will also create jobs for residents in the local communities. Learn more by reading the official British Airways press release.

EPA Improves Petition Process to Establish RFS Compliant Fuels, Mar 2014

25 March 2014--The EPA has released a Program Announcement, titled “Improving the Petition Process for the New Renewable Fuel Pathways.” To establish compliance with the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), which requires certain greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction thresholds for renewable fuel pathways, the EPA completes life cycle GHG analyses that assess fuels’ performance with respect to those thresholds. Life cycle GHG assessments for potential inclusion of a particular fuel pathway in the RFS are requested through a petition process. The Program Announcement (linked here) details the improvements, such as increased speed and efficiency, that the revised petition process expects to achieve. A summary table of the results of fuel pathways that have already been through the petition process is provided on the EPA website.

CAAFI R&D Team 3rd SOAP-Jet webinar featured presentation about Virent’s novel stage-wise process for hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of biomass

24 March 2014--The CAAFI R&D Team held its third Seminars on Alternatives to Petroleum – Jet (SOAP-Jet) webinar on Friday, March 21 at 1 pm Eastern time. The event was well attended by over 60 people.

The webinar series is intended to provide a forum for information sharing and member participation in cutting edge R&D topics relating to alternative jet fuels. The first four webinars are focused on recipients of the US DOE’s Carbon, Hydrogen, and Separation Efficiencies in Bio-Oil Conversion Pathways (CHASE Bio-Oil Pathways) grants. The March 21 SOAP-Jet webinar began with an Introduction from Virent’s Dr. Randy Cortright and was followed by briefings from Idaho National Laboratory’s Kevin Kenney on feedstock production and aggregation, Virent’s Brice Dally on the conversion technology, and Shell’s Dr. Cynthia Ginestra on fuel quality and testing. After the presentation, webinar attendees engaged in active Q&A with the 4 presenters.

To access the slide deck from this past Friday’s SOAP-Jet webinar, follow:
Link to 3rd SOAP-Jet webinar in CHASE grant series.
The presentations from the previous SOAP-Jet webinars are also provided at the following locations:
Link to 2nd SOAP-Jet webinar in CHASE grant series
Link to 1st SOAP-Jet webinar in CHASE grant series

The final webinar of the CHASE grant series will be held on May 30, 2014, with a presentation from Abhijeet Borole of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. To learn more about the SOAP-Jet series or share your ideas for future SOAP-Jet webinars, contact Kristin Lewis (

Aviation Afternoon, April 23 at upcoming ABLC2014 Conference in D.C.

20 March 2014--CAAFI is collaborating with Biofuels Digest on a dedicated aviation-related session at the upcoming Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference (ABLC2014) in Washington, D.C., April 21-23. The aviation-focused afternoon—The World Aviation & Military Biofuels Summit—will take place on April 23. The sessions will cover key aviation biofuel initiatives, and information about the most recently developed fuel conversion pathways and commercialization. To learn more about the agenda and registration, visit the ABLC2014 website.