CAAFI has developed a series of roadmaps that provide overview and detailed projections of milestones leading to successful development and deployment of alternative aviation jet fuels. These roadmaps are based on CAAFI stakeholder input, and CAAFI teams update their roadmaps based on participant knowledge and publicly available information. The different levels show progressively more detailed projections of activities and needs within each area of CAAFI involvement.

The Level 1 Roadmap is a high level overview of the drivers behind the transition to alternative aviation jet fuels (i.e., peak oil production, climate change) and general estimates when particular drop-in alternative jet fuels suitable for aviation will be available. The goals of this level are to identify the potential alternative fuels that may come to market in the next half century and to estimate the timing of availability at a very general level.

The Level 2 Roadmaps identify four key areas, addressed by the four CAAFI teams, in which alternative fuels activities must occur to advance deployment: Economics/Business, Certification, Environment, and Research and Development (R&D). To parallel the Level 1 roadmap, the teams have developed more detailed roadmaps for each key area within the long-term timeframe outlined by the Level 1 Roadmap.

The Level 3 Roadmaps for the Environment and R&D teams cover planned and needed activities over the next 8 to 10 years. These roadmaps project detailed, near-term milestones and achievements in development, evaluation and deployment of alternative jet fuels for aviation within areas covered by the Level 2 Roadmaps. These milestones can be used as benchmarks for progress in the alternative jet fuels development and deployment efforts.

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