A Feedstock Readiness Level Tool to Complement the Aviation Industry Fuel Readiness Level Tool
Alternative Jet Fuel Scenario Analysis Report (Volpe)
Impact of Alternative Jet Fuel and Fuel Blends on Non-Metallic Materials Used in Commercial Aircraft Fuel Systems CLEEN Project Final Report - Submitted by The Boeing Company (CLEEN program)
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Alternative Jet Fuels (PARTNER COE Project 28)
Market Cost of Renewable Jet Fuel Adoption in the United States (PARTNER COE Project 31)
Report Evaluating Existing Sustainability Evaluation Programs (Volpe BAA)
Sustainability Criteria and Rating Systems for Use in the Aircraft Alternative Fuel Supply Chain (Volpe BAA)
USAF Interagency Aviation Fuel Life Cycle Assessment Working Group "Framework and Guidance for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Footprints of Aviation Fuels" (CAAFI)

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