Critical CAAFI® R&D Team Challenges

In November of 2012, over 80 members of the CAAFI R&D team, which includes a range of stakeholders from the aviation and alternative fuels industries, academia, and government, identified key immediate and longer-term challenges that deserve attention. This effort resulted in the CAAFI R&D Team's position paper on near and longer-term R&D needs to facilitate development and deployment of alternative jet fuels.

The CAAFI R&D Team developed a series of white papers that provide background and greater discussion on the topics raised in the position paper. Both the position paper and the series of white papers are anticipated to be revised and expanded upon on an annual basis.

Position Paper

· Critical Challenges Position Paper

White Papers


· White Paper Overview

Immediate R&D Needs

· Alternative Fuels Specification and Testing

Near-term R&D Needs

· HEFA Feedstock Cost Reduction
· Relative Economics of Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Versus Competing Biocommodities and Uses
· Diversity in Biofuel Feedstock Production
· Developing Efficient and Cost-effective Use of Wastes as Feedstocks

Mid- to Long-term R&D Needs

· Alternate Methods of Atmospheric CO2 Capture
· Approaches that Convert CO2 to Drop-In Jet Fuel

(To Be Determined) R&D Needs

· Policy Research Needs Relevant to Alternative Jet Fuels

Under Development

· Adequacy of Existing Test Methods for Aviation Jet Fuel & Additive Property Evaluation
· Coordinating Communication Among the Alternative Jet Fuel Research & Development Community
· Future Transportation Issues for the Development and Deployment of Alternative Jet Fuel

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