SOAP-JET Webinars

Environment Team

· Short- and Long-Term Global Alternative Jet Fuel Production and Associated GHG Emission
Mark Staples (Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology) - June 10, 2016

R&D Team – Co-Processing

· Co-Processing of HEFA Feedstocks with Petroleum Hydrocarbons for Jet Production
Joe Sorena (Chevron), Enrico Lodrigueza (Phillips 66), Alisdair Clark (AirBP) - June 19, 2015
· Co-Processing of Green Crude in Existing Oil Refineries
Ben Saydah (Sapphire Energy) - January 23, 2015
· Refinery Integration of Renewable Feedstocks
John Holladay (Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
- November 14, 2014

R&D Team – Regional Perspectives

· Production of Aviation Fuels and Chemicals from Poplar Feedstock
Rick Gustafson (University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Services)
- April 8, 2016
· Aviation Biofuels and the Chesapeake Watershed: Coupling Sustainable Energy with
Sustainable Agriculture
Tom Richard et al. (The Pennsylvania State University, ASCENT, NEWBio) - February 26, 2016
· Perspectives on Renewable Synthesized Aromatic Kerosene and Developing Alt Jet Fuel
from Feedstocks Grown in the Southeast
John Russin (Louisiana State University), Brice Dally (Virent), Cynthia Ginestra (Shell)
- January 22, 2016
· Envisioning Alternative Aviation Fuel Supply Chains for the Northwest
Michael Wolcott and Ralph Cavalieri (Washington State University, Northwest Advanced
Renewables Alliance) - October 9, 2015

R&D Team – Carbon, Hydrogen, and Separations Efficiencies (CHASE)

· Renewable Hydrogen from Biomass Pyrolysis Aqueous Phase
Abhijeet Borole et al. (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology,
University of Tennessee, OmniTech International, FuelCellEtc, Inc., Pall Corporation)
- May 30, 2014
· Virent is Replacing Crude Oil
David Hitchcock (Virent) - March 21, 2014
· Electrochemical Deoxygenation Process for Bio-Oil Upgrading
S. Elangovan, Joseph Hartvigsen, Lyman Frost (Ceramatec) - November 8, 2013
· Fractionation and Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-Oil
Daniel Resasco (University of Oklahoma) - October 11, 2013

CAAFI/CORE JetFuel Joint Workshop · April 28, 2016

· Agenda
· CAAFI Introduction
· Renewable Fuels for Aviation: European Union Perspective
· FNR Introduction
· Panel 1: U.S. Policies and Programs for Enabling Production and Use
· Panel 1: SENASA Supply Chain Development and Deployment of Alternative Fuels
· Panel 2: U.S. DOE Aviation Overview
· Panel 2: Promising Production Technologies and Value Chains in the European Union
· Panel 2: Initiative Towards Sustainable Kerosene for Aviation (ITAKA)
· Panel 2: Questions and Answers
· Panel 3: U.S. Sustainability Overview
· Panel 3: IFEU Sustainability
· Panel 3: Questions and Answers
· All Questions and Answers

2014 CAAFI General Meeting · January 28-29, 2014

· Opening Remarks
· Government Partners' Activities Update
· Finance Panel
· Keynote
· Biggest Challenges Panel
· Certification-Qualification Team Breakout Session
· Environment Team Breakout Session
· R&D Team Breakout Session
· CAAFI Work Team Summaries & Discussion
· Public-Private Partnership Efforts Panel
· Local Initiatives Panel
· Airline Engagement & Partnerships Panel
· International Initiatives Panel

CAAFI Environment Team Workshop · January 27, 2014

· Introduction
· A Comparison of LC GHG Accounting
· Review of EPA/OTAQ Biofuel LCA Work for RFS
· Case Studies on Variability in LC GHG Emissions of Biofuels
· ICAO CAEP Alternative Fuels Task Force: SOW
· RSB GHG Calculator

Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference · April 17, 2013

· Introduction of CAAFI
· Business Team Update
· Certification/Qualification Team Update
· Environment Team Update
· R&D Team Update

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